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italianprinces's Journal


2 September
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Lauren Nicole <3

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Lauren Nicole <3

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<font color="#ff3399">
<b>M e m o r i e s</b> can f a d e
but my <i>heart</i> has a place
for the <b>s m i l e</b> on your face
and maybe s o m e d a y
we can be <i>more than friends</i>
<b>l o v e</b> will find us a g a i n ♥

<font color="#cc66ff">
*I ran up the door and closed the stairs, I said my pajamas and hopped into my prayers, I turned off my bed and got in my light, all because you kissed me goodnight* <3

<font color="#6666cc">
`*We chase misprinted lies // We face the path of time // And yet I fight // This battle all alone // No one to cry to // No place to call home*

<font color="#9999ff"> ~*my imperfections are what makes me beautiful<3